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Wheelchair Users
With advance notice we can accommodate up to three wheelchairs in The Old Market Hall. We have three optional spaces that can be booked up to 24 hours before the screening commences, subject to availability. Both the wheelchair user and a companion are admitted at half price.

Visual Aids
Programme and general information are available in large print.

Audio Aids

Sennheiser Infra Red enhanced hearing headsets are available in the Old Market Hall to amplify sound for hard of hearing patrons. They can be worn with or without a hearing aid.

Subtitled Screenings
The Old Market Hall screens films with Caption Subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired. Click here for details of forthcoming films to be screened with subtitles.

What are Caption Subtitles?
Deaf or hearing impaired customers who cannot use our audio aids because of incompatibility with their hearing aid, or due to a greater level of hearing loss, may rely on subtitling to let them 'hear' the film dialogue (in the same way hearing customers rely on subtitles to understand a foreign language film).

These Caption Subtitles provide much more information than "normal" English subtitles. They also inform the cinemagoer when something is sung rather then spoken, when significant music is happening, often providing the lyrics, or of significant sound effects (eg phone rings, doorbell chimes, etc) – especially those taking place offscreen.

Are all films available with Caption Subtitles?
Unfortunately not. Those available will depend on the film distributor.

When available, why are caption subtitles not run on all screenings?  
Currently, there can be resistance from some hearing customers to watching subtitles on an English language film.

Therefore, we offer a limited number of Caption Subtitled screenings but will endeavour to ensure that screening times are chosen to allow as many people to attend as possible i.e. Sunday evenings.

We are also committed to ensuring that whenever possible these are clearly indicated in information about our programme so that people can choose to go to (or to avoid) such screenings.