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Published : 03/Oct/2019

Shropshire Council has opened a public consultation asking for your views on accessibility to Theatre Severn and the Old Market Hall cinema in Shrewsbury.

The consultation gives you the opportunity to give your feedback on proposed changes to the ways you can access the services at Theatre Severn and the Old Market Hall cinema and suggest improvements. Shropshire Council is looking to improve access to both venues for people with less visible conditions like anxiety, autism or dementia.

New proposals are being made to help create a more inclusive experience for all at both venues. This includes making it easier to book tickets for Theatre Severn and the Old Market Hall cinema by providing online booking to all. The consultation also asks for your views on the current offer at both venues for people who may need further assistance. Your feedback will help to shape future policy around making Theatre Severn and the Old Market Hall more accessible. 

Lezley Picton, Shropshire Council Cabinet member for culture, leisure, waste and communications, said "Theatre Severn and the Old Market Hall are continuing to grow in popularity attracting over 250,000 people to Shrewsbury in 2018.

"However, it is highly important that we ensure both venues are open and inclusive for people with conditions that are not always visible and I'm pleased that measures are being put in place to improve access.

"I would strongly encourage you to take part in this consultation and help us shape accessibility to both venues."

The consultation will be open 8 weeks, and is available to complete online via the link below.

complete the survey

Paper copies are also available from both Theatre Severn and the Old Market Hall.