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Fisherman's Friends: One and All
Fri 19 Aug - Thu 1 Sep

Fisherman's Friends: One and All

5 DogpoleShrewsburySY1 1EN

Old Market Hall

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The sequel to Fisherman's Friends, the hit comedy inspired by the true story of a group of singing fishermen who secure a record deal and national fame. Picking up where the first film left off, this tale is based on the events that saw the real band perform at Glastonbury Festival alongside Beyoncé in 2011.

Meg Leonard and Nick Moorcroft (2022) UK 
James Purefoy, Joshua McGuire, Richard Harrington

Screened with subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Open to all.
Fri 19 Aug2:30PM Book
Fri 19 Aug5:30PM Book
Fri 19 Aug8:15PM Book
Sat 20 Aug2:30PM Book
Sat 20 Aug5:30PM Book
Sat 20 Aug8:15PM Book
Sun 21 Aug3:00PM Book
Mon 22 Aug2:30PM Book
Mon 22 Aug5:30PM Book
Mon 22 Aug8:15PM Book
Tue 23 Aug2:30PM Book
Tue 23 Aug5:30PM Book
Tue 23 Aug8:15PM Book
Wed 24 Aug2:30PM Book
Wed 24 Aug5:30PM Book
Wed 24 Aug8:15PM Book
Thu 25 Aug2:30PM Book
Thu 25 Aug5:30PM Book
Thu 25 Aug8:15PM Book
Fri 26 Aug2:30PM Book
Fri 26 Aug5:30PM Book
Fri 26 Aug8:15PM Book
Sat 27 Aug1:00PM Book
Sat 27 Aug4:00PM Book
Sun 28 Aug12:00PM Book
Mon 29 Aug2:30PM Book
Mon 29 Aug5:30PM Book
Mon 29 Aug8:15PM Book
Tue 30 Aug2:30PM Book
Tue 30 Aug5:30PM Book
Tue 30 Aug8:15PM Book
Wed 31 Aug2:30PM Book
Wed 31 Aug5:30PM Book
Wed 31 Aug8:15PM Book
Thu 01 Sep2:30PM Book
Thu 01 Sep5:30PM Book
Thu 01 Sep8:15PM Book
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